Stefan Donker

    My name is Stefan Donker and together with my wife Ilse and daughter Zohra we run a sled dog team named Tartok Speed. We both shared this passion since our childhood. We work with a dog breed especially bred for the sleddog sport, called a Hound. The hound combines different breeds in an effort to create the ideal sport dog, not just to create performance but also character, fitness and build. With our team we compete at international competitions and championships. In February of this year we won the European Championships in Millegrobe Italie, in the 6 dog class. The beauty of the sled dog sport, for us, is the combination of working with the dogs, the sport and nature. Besides, there is an art to leading a pack of dogs and to encourage them to work together optimally and with gusto. During this presentation I would like to take you on a short tour true the different disciplines and introduce you into this amazing sport.